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HS-90A Open Top Nickel Cover


HS-90 SW and HS-90A


Jazzmaster Custom HB Pickups

Mini HB Tele

Neck Mini HB and Tele Style Bridge Pickup

Custom HS90

Custom HS-90s with Blue Abalone Tops

Custom Tele

Custom N-Tele Set

Tele Soapbar

Tele 3 P-90 soapbar

VVG Tele

VVG N-Tele Set

SST Pickups

SST Pickups with Gold Covers

51 Pbass

VVG S-250 single coils



Tele P90

Tele with P-90s

Cigar Box

VVG Cigar Box Pickup

Tele P90

Tele with two P-90s

Tele Pearloid

Tele with H540 White Pearloid

Tele CC Rider

Tele CC-Rider

CC Rider

Tele CC-Rider Neck and Blade Bridge

5 string J bass

5 string J Bass with Covers

5 string J bass No Cover

5 string J Bass with no Covers

8 String Tortoise

8 string Lap Steel Pickup with Faux Tortoise Top

AlNiCo Rod Mini Humbucker

AlNiCo Rod Mini Humbucker Size Pickup

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